Friday, August 15, 2014

A Re-publish Project - Secret Lilies

Some secrets are to die for

It's no secret that Secret Lilies was the first novel I self-published. I was bright-eyed, bushy tailed and hadn't really done all my homework. I went through AuthorHouse - I wouldn't recommend anyone do this since it's waaaaaaay cheaper to contract out for cover art, editing and PR assistance that actually gets you exposure - which I won't do again. There's KDP, NookPress, Kobo Writing Life, Draft2Digital, Smashwords and probably more options for distribution than you can shake a stick at. So again, no AuthorHouse for me.

This time, Rayven Godchild is republishing Secret Lilies with a cover that taps into the sensual nature of this suspense erotic romance.
Designed by Heather McCorkle Creations
About Secret Lilies
Some secrets are to die for.

At the ripe age of eighteen, Destiny thought she knew the joys and pains of love until she discovered the depths of her husband's debauchery the first night of their honeymoon. Divorcing as quietly as possible, Destiny moved on with her life. Refusing to let bitterness blind her, she learned to let go and lucked out on the best thing ever, John Robertson: handsome, chivalrous and an insatiable lover.
But some things in the past don't know how to stay put.
When Destiny's ex-husband suddenly appears in her life, he not only sparks upheaval in her home, but his violent death adds to the chaos. Together, Destiny and John must unweave the web of secrets pinning their world out of control if they have any hope of something-like-normal...or die trying.

Coming Soon to Kindle: Expected release date, Labor Day, September 1, 2014


  1. Very nice cover. Good luck with the sales.

  2. Congratulations on your re-release! Back when I self-published my first book, I didn't know what I was doing either. I went with iUniverse. A mistake, but boy did I learn a lot ... about what not to do. Then iU was purchased by Author House -- and I learned even more about how unscrupulous they were. Yikes! (They continued to sell my book on Amazon even after I ended my contract with them. I had to hire a lawyer to write up a Cease & Desist.)

    Anyway -- thank heavens there are better ways to do it now. Who knows? I might end up going hybrid myself for projects that don't fit the traditional market.

  3. Now that's a cover that gets attention!

  4. What Alex said. :) We live and we learn. The story sounds intriguing. Best of luck with this one, Angela.

  5. Ooh! Sounds good! And that's some cover! :)

  6. It takes so much work to do a re-release, Angela. Here's my applause along with my best wishes.

  7. Passionate cover and congrats Angela/Rayven. Nice writers have so many options today.

  8. I'm so glad AuthorHouse is just a memory and you got your rights back to start over.

    I hope you reap all the rewards you should've gotten in the first place.

  9. Hindsight is bittersweet. :) Very hot cover and best of luck re-publishing it.

  10. Looks like a fab romance!!! And thank goodness for learning… ;)


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